Fujitsu ARXG12KLLAP duct type

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  • Slim design
  • Compact and lightweight outdoor unit
  • Selectable with a wide range of static pressure
  • Auto Louver Grille Kit (Option)
  • Low ambient operation
  • Refrigerant R32
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Power source
Phase Single-phase
Voltage 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Cooling 3.5 kW
Heating 4.1 kW
Input Power
Cooling 0.93 kW
Heating 1.08 kW
Max. Operating Current
Cooling 9.7 A
Heating 9.7 A
Net Dimensions Indoor
Height 198 mm
Width 700 mm
Depth 620 mm
Net Dimensions Outdoor
Height 542 mm
Width 799 mm
Depth 290 mm
Net Weight
Indoor 17.0 kg
Outdoor 33.0 kg

Optional parts
Compact Wired Remote Controller: UTY-RCRYZ1
Wired Remote Controller (Touch Panel): UTY-RNRYZ3
Wired Remote Controller: UTY-RLRY, UTY-RNNYM, UTY-RVNYM
Simple Remote Controller (Without operation mode): UTY-RHRY
Simple Remote Controller: UTY-RSRY, UTY-RSNYM
External Switch Controller: UTY-TERX
Wireless LAN Interface: UTY-TFSXZ1, FJ-RC-WIFI-1
Remote Sensor Unit: UTY-XSZX
Fresh Air Intake Kit: UTZ-VXAA
Auto Louver Grille Kit: UTD-GXTA-W (09-14), UTD-GXTB-W (18)
IR Receiver Unit: UTY-LBTYM
Network Convertor for single split (DC power supply type): UTY-VTGX
Network Convertor for single split (AC power supply type): UTY-VTGXV
External Connect Kit: UTY-XWZXZG

Additional information

Weight 56 kg
recommended area of ​​the room, sq.m.

installation area



type of product

duct air conditioning




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