Ceramic heater K300

Ceramic heaters from the K300 series are ceramic thermal panels in which the working plate of high-grade ceramics is located in a durable and reliable steel housing. The panel is square in shape, its dimensions are 60 * 60 * 12mm. In the case there is also an air intake that helps in heat convection. To install the heater on the wall, there are mounting at the corners of the structure.


Length 600 mm
Width 600 mm
Thickness 12 mm
Weight 10 kg
Voltage 220 v
Heating temperature + 85 ° С (+ -5 ° С)
Rated power 290 w
Average power consumption 150 w
Spring-Autumn - 4 degrees on the street inside the room will be +20 degrees - 12 square meters. m
Additional heating + 20 degrees to the existing temperature - 12 square meters. m. + 10 degrees to the existing temperature - 24 square meters. m
The main heating -26 degrees in the street indoors will be +20 degrees - 8 square meters. m

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