Fujitsu air conditioner package units for sale in Paris, Lisbon, London, Rome, Zurich, Brussels, Berlin, Geneva, Madrid and other European cities

Fujitsu General semi-industrial air conditioners PAC (Packages Air Conditions) are devices, the power of which exceeds 7 kW.
Wider range of indoor units (wall-mounted, ceiling mounted, ceiling recessed and ducted type) and greater cooling capacities allow to create installations of greater maximum length (up to 100m) and elevation difference between outdoor and indoor unit (up to 30m) and better adjusted to the composition and aesthetics of the interior.
The PAC group features better (comparing to RAC) system flexibility and more possibilities of controlling particular appliances (central control system). The upper power limit for this category has not been established, however, manufacturers have not yet produced equipment more powerful than 22 kW.
Package ac unit are very popular and necessary in buildings and rooms where it is impossible to install regular ac split system.
Our Company offers variety of Fujitsu, Fuji and General package ac units for sale. Please, find the appropriate model and get in touch. Our logistics and affordable package ac units pricing will make your environment comfortable as soon as possible.

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