multi head split air conditioner systems to buy in Lisbon, Zurich, Brussels, Berlin, Geneva, Madrid, London, Rome and other European cities.

Fujitsu multi-split air conditioning systems allow you to create an individual microclimate in the premises, guaranteeing maximum comfort to the user, due to their outstanding technical characteristics, high reliability and great functionality. Fujitsu multi-split systems are perfect for creating comfortable temperature and humidity conditions in several rooms at the same time. The use of Multi-Split air conditioning systems is economically and aesthetically beneficial in multi-room apartments, cottages, mini-hotels and offices.

Up to 8 different indoor types: wall-mounted, floor-standing, universal floor/ceiling, cassette and duct, — can be connected to one outdoor unit of a multi-split system. A wide range of models attracts designers and architects, making Fujitsu multi-split systems the most flexible air conditioning solution for projects with various difficulty. The use of one ac multi-split outdoor unit does not damage the facade of the building (its appearance); and a large selection of internal multi-split ac units allows you to find the most suitable solution for each specific room, depending on its layout and features of use.

Fujitsu multi head air conditioners show high effectiveness in real conditions. According to Fujitsu research, an air conditioner compressor operates at 100% load for only 10% of its life. That is why Fujitsu engineers have specially developed an inverter twin-rotor compressor with increased performance at partial loads.

Simultaneous Multi-split systems (or semi-industrial multi-split systems) are a separate class of HVAC equipment designed for air conditioning of large commercial premises. The Fujitsu multi room air conditioning system is a combination of one powerful outdoor ac unit and a group of 2–4 semi-industrial indoor multi-split ac units operating simultaneously in the same room and controlled from one remote control. All indoor multi-split ac units of a simultaneous multi-split system must be of the same type and capacity.

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